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Hi lovely, my name is Michelle.
Thank you so much for taking interest in my store.....
I'm originally from the UK and have lived in New York since 2011.
I met my Firefighter husband Dan clearing up Hurricane Sandy (that's another story haha) We got Married in 2014 and now have 2 beautiful girls.

How it Started......

I learned to sew on my grandma's old singer machine (one that was attached to a wooden table, the proper machines ;)  it was a gorgeous classic.
I never did much sewing bar from the usual buttons. Then a good few years back in my 20’s a riding accident took me off work for a good few weeks so I did a small course and to be honest didn't take it seriously I just wanted to fill my time.
But nothing has gone amiss either.....when I had my eldest Daughter in 2015 I started making bits and bobs for her, nothing crazy! designing shirts making hair accessories, little skirts, pjs.... thank goodness for youtube!!!
I had an old machine that id borrowed, and invested in a heat press and silhouette.... NEW HOBBY! us mums need a hobby, right?
 My girls face when she woke from a nap and I’d made something for her was indescribable. Not only did that beautiful face shine even brighter and that smile get even bigger but what I’d made was not factory bought it was made with Love and it meant so much more, and the things I was making weren't even that perfect! 
I was no pro with the sewing but the shirts were easy enough to do after learning the ins and outs, tho I wouldn't let the sewing beat me and just kept learning and practicing, making LOTS of mistakes but I was hooked.
A few people started saying I should sell the shirts, Mmmmm (light bulb moment!!) With baby #2 on the way the idea sounded pretty appealing, I wasn’t going back to work, I wanted to be a SAHM but I knew I would need that extra something to get my teeth into as well and I liked a challenge, and of course if I can make some extra pennies then bonus!!!! so my brain then went into overdrive and came up with "inspiredbytots." (As my babes are my inspiration;) I took over the spare room and its all gone from there. I started with shirts slowly adding in skirts and did pretty well but my love was with the sewing but couldn't do it all.....  I would just get giddy at every item I sewed so I stopped the shirts and focused on that.
There have been times when iv thought “ what the heck am I doing” with 2 little ones and general daily life, it hasn't been easy, and I don't sleep much haha. But it gives me a purpose, inspires my kids and i honestly love it!
Alot has changed in the past year, ALOT has been learned, ive met some amazing people....  NEW products, styles, and fabrics have been added and I really couldn't be more excited to share my journey with you!
I hope you like what you see and I very much appreciate all your support and thanks again for stopping by xx